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In 1962, in Marseille (South of France) people were surprised to see a funny contraction on the road and they even thought at first instance that it was to macadam the road.

In reality, it was an invention that would mark the town history and spread over the all of France: a wood fired oven embarked on a trailer pulled by a van. The man behind this was Jean Meritan, he very quickly became the pioneer of the mobile pizza by putting his wood fired oven at the back of a van. His philosophy of offering pizza freshly cooked to take away at different locations on a regular basis in a courteous, friendly and professional manner and his story has inspired me.

Based in The Vale of Glamorgan, my pizzas are baked in my wood fired brick oven to order with fresh ingredients. The pizza base is thin and crusty, the flavours are locked in by the temperature of over 400 degrees Celsius that the oven reaches.

My aim is to serve great ingredients, simply cooked.

Why not check my location and try my freshly baked, traditional cooked pleasures.

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